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Trying to reach Hispanics online? Content is kingLast week, we wrote about pharmaceutical and medical device companies being asleep when it comes to marketing to Hispanics. One of the reasons could be that Hispanics have such varied and high expectations with regards to online content.

A couple of recent articles on the Engage:Hispanic blog highlight this. Good Content Is Critical For Reaching Hispanics Online points out that while there is a relative lack of quality online content for Hispanics, there are also some real pitfalls associated with creating this content. Number 9 of its ten-point list of tips reads:

9. Avoid using regional Spanish when engaging to national Hispanic audiences.
That's easier said then done, given the complexity surrounding the concept of ethnicity and country of origin of U.S. Latinos.

Another challenge is that Hispanics will scour your website to find mistakes and experience gaps. According to a second Engage:Hispanic article, it's almost a sport for Latinos to compare the English and Spanish versions of web sites.

But as this article highlights, online marketers (certainly at drug and device companies but really at any company wanting to market to Latinos) are faced with an interesting challenge and opportunity: The fact that Hispanics have low expectations when it comes to Spanish-language content makes it increasingly difficult to get Hispanics to even a visit a Hispanic site. At the same time, though, there's an unmet demand for high-quality, culturally relevant Spanish-language content that provide comparable value to the corresponding English content.

So, what are device and drug companies to do? In Marketing and Communications Tips for Pharmaceutical Companies [PDF link], Translation Plus offers some interesting ideas:
  1. Focus on the family
  2. Plan for the future
  3. Build upon disease-specific educational programs
  4. Offer more bilingual information
  5. Offer culturally adapted translation
  6. Highlight and increase plant-based medications
The message is clear: If you decide to market to Hispanics, make sure you allocate sufficient resources and talent to develop good, valuable content. Otherwise, you're better of doing what the pharmaceutical and medical device industries are doing - nothing.

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  1. Cath said...
    I must say that it is also a sport for me to compare EN web-sites and their FR translation :-)
    This said, I totally agree with the content of those articles. Perhaps because FR is also a Latin language, I have a perfect perception of what are the feelings of the Hispanics towards the so-called "Spanish" content of most web sites supposed to target them. They certainly feel nearly insulted. "Old Europe" and old America : a same struggle, mainly for respect.
    Andres Heuberger said...
    @Cath: I know, I love doing this with German/English translations. One of my favorite resources for this is √úbersetzungsfehler - they feature great (mis)translations.

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