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Swiss legal German-English dictionary

Swiss legal German-English dictionaryYou know how sometimes you need to do something that spans cultures, languages, and geographies like wanting to book a flight from Spain to France using a German-language web site? These little things can be really hard to accomplish.

SLEDICT solves one type of issue like that. It is in the early stages of becoming a comprehensive German-English legal dictionary. While there is nothing too unusual about that, SLEDICT is unique and valuable because it's based on Swiss law.

It will be invaluable for linguists and attorneys looking to translate words like "Stammkapital" for a Swiss LLC or "provisorische Rechtsöffnung". Where possible, the site uses official translations from admin.ch, ch.ch, from federal offices like the Federal Office for Migration or cantonal offices like the Commercial Registry Office of the Canton of Zurich, and so on. Visitor can also suggest new entries and correct other users' translations.

Sascha Oliver Stocker maintains the small but fast-growing dictionary in two versions: as a blog that highlights newly added terms and in table format, suitable for sorting and searching.

Be sure to bookmark the site so that you can look up "Singularsukzession" when you need to!

[Thanks to Fabio Said for the lead!]

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