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It's a mad soda world after all

It's a mad soda world after allGiven how widely taste buds vary around the world, it's no surprise how many bad-tasting soft drinks there are.

Two that stand out for me are Dr. Pepper in the U.S. and Rivella in Switzerland. Who drinks this vile-tasting stuff? But that's actually the beauty of it: One person's swill is another person's favorite beverage.

The folks over at Woot made this point rather well. Their recent blog post It's A Soda World After All: A Multicultural Soft-Drink Exploration highlights nine odd-ball (to me, anyway) soft drinks from around the world.

My favorite is the description for Foco Soursop Juice, found in Thailand: After declaring the texture as "watery and chunky" the drink's, the flavor elicits the following:

OH GOD THE SMELL! Sewage, overripe fruit, Vienna Sausages, and floral notes collide in a nuclear assault on your olfactory system. Hold your nose and you might manage to choke down a surprisingly tolerable sip, but then the aftertaste hits and it's over.
But again, different strokes for different folks. Foco Soursop Juice must be popular - it comes in 20+ flavors and has spawned mixed-drink concoctions.

After you're done cultivating the "faint nausea" that has set in after tasting these drinks, be sure to read the comments for Woot's blog post. There are some additional drink treasures in there.


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  1. bonnjill said...
    The World of Coca Cola in Atlanta has a tasting fountain of lots of flavors they sell all over the world. There were some VERY interesting flavors there. It's worth a visit if you are in Atlanta.

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