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Drug, device industry still not losing sleep over hispanicsHispanic people are the fastest growing minority population in the U.S., comprising almost 50 million people. However, most companies said they do not socially market to Hispanics. Medical device and pharmaceutical companies are firmly entrenched in this "no gracias" camp.

We last reported on this topic 10 months ago. Since then, support from the drug and device industries seems to have diminished even further. When visitors to PhRMA's web site click on the "En Espanol" link, they are greeted by an error message:

PhRMA's Spanish web site is not functional

Hispanic Market Weekly noted the same thing recently. Pharma Still Not Losing Sleep Over Hispanics wonders:

What makes a Hispanic person any less of a patient?
This leaves me scratching my head. There exists a significant untapped marketing potential for pharmaceutical and medical device companies - how come they are not interested?

For more information on marketing to Hispanics, take a look at the following:
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