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The art and science of global computer-based trainingPharmaceutical and medical device companies continue internationalize their businesses. One of the side effects is the need to train sales staff, physicians, and patients around the world.

We wrote last week about how to tackle this challenge in general. Computer-based training (aka "e-learning") can be an efficient and effective means to educate a large audience.

But global training presents its own set of hurdles. After all, training is a human process and culture and context need to be considered. And training teams in places as far apart as, say, Mumbai and Munich requires smart setup and proper localization.

Then there is the language component. Sophisticated e-learning programs with voice overs, animations, and video quickly becomes time-consuming and expensive to translate.

Many companies use third-party developers to create their e-learning programs. Is your developer thinking globally? Are they creating modules with translation in mind?

To help device and drug companies (and their developers) streamline international training programs, the ForeignExchange team has published a white paper e-learning without borders. Take a look - and happy training!

ForeignExchange provides specialized medical translations for training courses developed by pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Contact us to find out more!


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