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Medical abbreviations

List of medical abbreviationsToday, we have a three-fer of resources for you:

First is a pitch for the Watercooler. Andrew Bell runs this community site. He does a great job staying clear of the controversies that have frustrated users of translation groups and forums at Proz and LinkedIn. If you haven't been to the Watercooler, check it out today. Registration is free, of course.

The second resource is for medical translators specifically. Andrew made the following dictionary available via the Watercooler's Medical Translators group:

ITI MedNet, the ITI Network of Medical and Pharmaceutical Translators and Interpreters, of which I'm a member, has kindly agreed to let me use their database of medical abbreviations. This list runs to over 400 pages and the acronyms and abbreviations include alternative definitions in other languages (Romance languages and Germanic only). This is a highly useful resource, and thanks go out to Rob Williams for updating this, and for permission to publish it here.
As with any terminology list, you need a baseline knowledge to use it effectively but at first glance, this looks like a veritable treasure trove!

And that gets us to the third resource: Be sure to check out ITI MedNet. Membership is extremely reasonable and the organization provides good value. Well worth joining!

So, that's it for the three resources. But if you are looking for more medical terminology help, listen to this podcast, take a look at these glossaries, and sign-up for the medical word of the day.

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  1. Andy Bell said...
    A big thanks for this plug Andres - I'm really thrilled to be able to provide a resource for professional translators and interpreters. You're also doing great work with this blog too!

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