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Great Chinese IP resource

Great Chinese IP resourceThanks to the folks at Duncan Bucknell, we recently found out about CIELA. This "China IP Litigation Analysis" database contains close to 7,600 cases from 13 Chinese IP courts.

The tool's premise is straight-forward and useful:

CIELA is a free-to-use ... website enabling IP owners and their counsel to evaluate IP litigation venues across China. Users can obtain statistics on IP rulings for the whole of China or focus on specific courts. With CIELA it is possible to quickly see which Chinese courts award higher damages, or conclude cases more quickly compared to other jurisdictions.
Access is free of charge, and customized reports are reasonably priced. $500 buys a basic statistical report (with charts) giving details of particular cases or courts. Report with statistics on particular cases or courts, with commentary from a qualified practitioner, or with copies of reference judgments will run between $1,000 and $2,000.

If you are involved with IP in China, take a look at CIELA!

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