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EuroTermBank makes sense

EuroTermBank makes senseDespite having existed for less than four years, the EuroTermBank project looks poised to succeed where many others have failed: Making a business case for terminology management and terminology sharing.

One of the reasons is that EuroTermBank (ETB), the "one-stop gateway to optimised term bank and top European terminology resources through a consolidated interface", is funded by the EU. This has allowed it to amass millions of terms covering a broad spectrum of subject fields and industries, spanning a multitude of languages, and coming from a wide range of terminology providers.

Similarly, ETB has done a good job focusing on technology to make its database usable. Rather than forcing users to employ a proprietary tool, ETB released an add-in for MS Word. Similarly, ETB links up with existing tool sets, like Kilgray's MemoQ.

It's also impressive to see ETB's robust business model that doesn't try to be all things to all users. The consortium that leads ETB has done a terrific job defining its target users. For a look at ETB's strategy check out this presentation from the 2007 LISA Forum Asia [PDF link].

Most importantly, though, ETB seems to have figured out how to manage terminology quality. Much of this looks to be the result having more and better user participation. For instance, by solving copyright issues, contributions are more frequent and of higher quality. Leveraging international standards also makes use of ETB and easier "sell".

EuroTermBank is well on its way to be become indispensable to all of us. As Jost Zetzsche said: you'd be silly not to use it.

[Thanks to Ruben de la Fuente for the Word add-in tip!]

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Any idea how EuroTermBank relates or compares to IATE? Is the IATE database now included in EuroTermBank? thanks!

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