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5 minutes before the crash

5 minutes before the crashOK, this one is seriously off-topic. But 5 Minutes Before The Crash is just too great not to pass on.

The brand-new tumblr blog highlights the unique strangeness that happens in our airports and planes. "Regular" ones, you know, and not the ones that involv the TSA or full-body cavity searches.

If you fly a lot, make sure you contribute your own absurd/beautiful/unusual images. If you have sworn off flying, you can live vicariously through 5 Minutes Before The Crash.

Either way, enjoy!

OK, back to work now! ForeignExchange Translations provides specialized medical translation and software localization services to drug and device companies. Contact us to learn more.

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  1. Cath said...
    Thank you for this entertainment !
    Photographically speking, I think the best one is certainly the luggage pyramid; it looks like the famous "compressions" by the sculptor Cesar (see his biography in French here : http://www.moreeuw.com/histoire-art/cesar.htm, and a complete reference page in English here : http://www.artcyclopedia.com/artists/cesar.html).
    For the picture with the man in "full-red", I hope that the author has obtained his consent before publication on the Net :-)

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