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10 ways to scare off clients

10 ways to scare off clientsTranslation service providers are fundamentally in the project management and customer service business. If clients wanted to, they could take care of getting IFUs, clinical reports, and regulatory submissions translated themselves. Instead, drug and device companies contract with translation companies because they want to be able to focus on their core skills.

Newsfactor published Top 10 Best Ways To Scare Off Your Customers. While it was not written for translation services specifically, it might as well have been:

Unfortunately, customer care is still regarded by many as a costly activity or a burden on resources. Some organizations have already recognized the importance of customer care, and a few are very advanced in its practice. But often it seems that companies just don't care enough about their customers after the sale has been made.
Head on over to the article and make sure that you address these ten items.

For more advice around customer service, also take a look at Know thy customer.

[Hat tip to Jim Rooney's Twitter feed]

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    Or, you could just post a picture of a doofy-looking blonde woman as the poster child for bad customer service.

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