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The life and times of a typeface

If you are not a serious font geek, please move along - there is nothing to see here for you. But if you - like us - enjoy scanning your environs for serif and sans serif fonts, we present to you... Helvetica, a feature-length film about typography, graphic design, and global visual culture.

In addition to being a unique concept, it is also a very timely movie. Just as we have gotten used to the idea of separating content from format (and realized we won't be in charge of selecting fonts any more), this documentary teases us with an in-depth look at the proliferation of this 50-year-old typeface "as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives."

But again, beware - this is not for everybody. Some reviewers love it and call it "one of the wittiest, most diligently researched, slyly intelligent and quietly captivating documentaries of the year", while others hate it and call it "boring".

[Thanks to The Content Wrangler for the tip!]

If you haven't fully satisfied your inner font geek yet, check out the must-have periodic table of typefaces.

ForeignExchange Translations provides medical device and pharmaceutical companies with desktop publishing in 40+ languages, dozens of DTP applications, and serif as well as sans-serif fonts.

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  1. pfm1000 said...
    Amazing when you compare the sans-serif type found everywhere to the serif type that was used exclusively up to early twentieth century. Sans-serif type represents a no-nonsense approach, without embellishments, just showing the figures of the symbols, giving you the message direct (and by the way, saving printers' ink by doing away with serifs). This is why Helvetica has been used most often in utilitarian contexts. Sometimes I would prefer more esthetic typefaces, just to put a little more interest in things.

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