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Is Nintendo the next Medtronic?

Is Nintendo the next Medtronic?Good news! Just in case you needed another reason for buying a Wii, here you go:

A ScienceDirect paper titled "Validity and reliability of the Nintendo Wii Balance Board for assessment of standing balance" has verified that the board's data is clinically comparable to that of a laboratory-grade force platform.

Now why would anybody even want to use a Wii board instead of a force platform? In a word: Price.

Amazingly enough, the $100 Wii Balance Board's performance in measuring balance is clinically comparable to a lab-grade force platform that costs $17,885.

As reported in MedicalDeviceSummit, one of the paper's authors remarked that the "low price of the Wii kit is now seeing it used to assess rehabilitation after stroke, traumatic brain injuries and to examine standing balance in children who were born pre-term".

The line between games and medical devices continues to blur... For more examples of this trend, check out what you can do with an Xbox 360 or Nintendo DS.

[Thanks to @MedDeviceSummit for the tip!]

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