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Hockey Canada scores linguistic self goal

Hockey Canada scores linguistic self goalIn contrast to problematic interpreting assignments, the dirty laundry of professional translation doesn't normally get aired in public. So, Hockey Canada's decision to temporarily close down part of its French-language site because of translation problems is noteworthy.

And the press has been having a field day. The Toronto Sun reported "numerous French-language errors on the site". lfpress.com provided a couple of sample errors in its coverage:

Many of the errors are found in the new official Hockey Canada store website, which can be accessed from the site's welcome page. There are many errors in the names of the merchandise, such as using a more colloquial term for "child" (gosse, which can mean kid, youngster, etc.) when advertising children's jerseys in French. A regular T-shirt (the English term T-shirt is acceptable in French), becomes a "tee-shirt de Manche de Court des enfants."
The coverage in The Global and Mail prompted interesting comments. Some were praising the fact that this made the news, while others marveled at that fact. Some commentators were glad that this issue made the public aware of a "constantly recurring problem", while others were reminded that Quebec francophones are a "bunch of whiny ingrates".

This being Canada, anything having to do with hockey is a big deal. Now add in another hot potato like language, and you've got yourself some real entertainment...

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