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Happy birthday to...

Medical Translation Insight is 1 year old. Make sure YOU subscribe as well! 


Yes, it's true - Medical Translation Insight has turned one year old.

The team here at ForeignExchange wants to take a bit of time to acknowledge and thank you, our readers. It's been an amazing experience to see you take the time to check in with us, write guest articles, and post comments to our stories. Thank you very much!

Since posting our first piece on Spanish-language glossaries from Novartis (which, unfortunately, are no longer available), things have really taken off. Here are some highlights of the past 12 months at Medical Translation Insight:We are humbled by all of this activity that has allowed us to become a top 100 language blog.

For the ForeignExchange team, it's been a gratifying first year. We reconnected with friends, met interesting new people, learned a a lot about social media, and had a good bit of fun. Here is to an exciting second year!

ForeignExchange's real business is not writing but providing specialized translations for training, regulatory, and clinical research groups at pharmaceutical and medical device companies.


  1. Liz said...
    I have found it to be a useful and educational blog. Thank you for doing this.
    Alice said...
    Thank you for everything. All the best for 2010 !

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