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The difference between truly standing for something and a mission statementIt's been a few months since Signal vs. Noise said "there's a world of difference between truly standing for something and having a mission statement that says you stand for something". When I first read it, I thought "Hmm, interesting", and put it away. But I kept thinking about this in the months since, realizing that there is a lot to that statement.

While I am not sure that I agree with the example that they give (while their missions statement may leave room for improvement, I happen to think that Enterprise does a better job renting cars than most other companies), I definitely do agree with their bottom-line statement:

Standing for something isn't just about writing it down. It's about believing it and living it.
I know from personal experience that this is important - and difficult to do.

A few years ago, ForeignExchange's team rallied around our company vision statement. If you are on the ForeignExchange team, you know that this is what we are working towards:

ForeignExchange Translations Saves Lives.

We do so by reducing time-to-market for our drug and device clients, and by ensuring that end users have access to accurately translated product information.

We are committed to being the acknowledged leader in medical translations and to maintaining an uncompromising culture of quality.

We will continually strive to provide clients with:
  • Zero defects in project deliverables
  • A 50% reduction in project turnaround time and costs
  • Project teams comprised of the very best medical translation professionals

We have found that our vision statement is an excellent management tool. When decisions loom (Where do we invest? Who do we hire? What kind of business do we pursue?), it acts as a kind of litmus test - what is the right course of action in pursuit of our vision? As I said before, we honestly believe that we help reduce human suffering around the world.

In your personal and professional lives, do work that matters!

ForeignExchange's METRiQ quality system provides medical device and pharmaceutical companies with measurable, known translation quality. To learn more, contact ForeignExchange Translations.


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