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Recap: Most popular posts on Medical Translation InsightFall has gone by in a hurry! So quickly, in fact, that we didn't even have time to write-up our most popular post list for October. So, here are two months' worth of roundups.

In November, the posts that received the most attention were:

  1. Taking the pain out of translating text in images - Many medical translators are struggling with this; it's nice to see that translating text in images is getting a little easier.

  2. Is Google Translate accurate enough for professional use? - It's easy to dismiss the Big G as just another MT toy but real-world uses are starting to emerge.

  3. Quality is dead - long live measurable quality - Please, no more talk about how "we deliver quality because we use separate translators, editors, and proofreaders", OK?

  4. "Employee-sourcing" the new crowdsourcing? - Is this just an IBM thing or is the pendulum swinging back to bringing translation in-house?

  5. Regional file format requirements for eCTD - Kathie Clark's guest article provides a good overview of the global state of eCTD requirements.

In October, these five posts attracted the most readers:
  1. Measurably improve translation quality in 60 days - Localization World Silicon Valley featured a hands-on workshop on how device and drug companies can measure and improve their translation quality.

  2. Free translation, localization tools - Everybody likes a freebie, right? If you do, check out this collection of free localization tools.

  3. TERMIUM price reduced to - nothing - Free is good but being able to use TERMIUM for free is amazing!

  4. Big step forward for crowdsourced translations - Facebook is leading the charge for crowdsourcing of translations.

  5. SharePoint in the life sciences - SharePoint is all the rage and our audio conference on the topic was one of the year's best sellers.
Interested in past months' most popular articles? Take a look at our roundups for September, August, and July. Happy reading!


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