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List of pharmaceutical glossaries

List of pharmaceutical glossaries for medical translationThe folks at reg-info Live have compiled a list of 14 pharma-related glossaries. The glossaries explain concepts, acronyms and jargon used in clinical and regulatory settings.

While the glossaries are in English only and are focused primarily on Europe, several of them provide good insight into narrow fields. The "Danish Medicines Agency Glossary" and "Eudralex GMP Glossary", in particular, contain good explanations of specialized expressions.

So head on over to reg-info Live and bookmark those glossaries that are of interest to you. And in case you missed them, make sure you check out these terminology resources that we previously covered:

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  1. Tim Felgate said...
    I have updated the glossary links to the European Medicines Agency's web site to reflect their new web address (www.ema.europa.eu)

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