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When we asked Why aren't there more medical translation conferences? earlier this year, one of our readers approached me afterward and urged "The last thing we need is yet another translation event!"

His reaction came to mind when I heard about the new Journal of Internationalisation and Localisation. Do we really need one more translation publication?

That's not to minimize or take away anything from JIAL. The peer-reviewed journal clearly takes its task seriously, and a couple of the articles are well worth reading. But is this information that we couldn't have gotten elsewhere? Does it justify the effort that must have gone into producing a 193-page (!) publication.

JIAL's editorial board includes well-known and respected members of our industry. These are people whose insight, commentary, and viewpoints I would love to hear - but is this the best use of their time?

Ultimately, though, that's not for me to decide, and I wish them lots of success with JIAL. May it avoid the fate of "the business resource for a multilingual age" and other long-gone translation publications.

[Picked up from @localization]

UPDATE: It appears that the answer is 'no'. JIAL has already ceased to exist...

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  1. Localization said...
    Interesting perspective. I think there's a need for a more academic publication covering the more complex aspects of localization or internationalization.

    What I don't accept is that a) you need an advisory board of that size (frankly ludicrous), and b) that some of the people on it will actually bring anything that radical to the debate.

    New people, new perspectives, distribute the information free, and challenge the status quo please.
    Renato Beninatto said...
    Good points. They seem to be in line with the discussion I started about the number of associations in the industry.

    The first entry was About Associations and Events in the Translation Industy and the second one was Some Ideas for Associations to Generate Revenue.

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