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The difficult art of budgeting for translationFor many drug and device companies, being able to estimate the cost of translation remains an impenetrable mystery.

Just in time for budgeting season, Pharmaceutical Executive published a five-step approach to developing accurate translation budgets:

  1. Outline - Define the work that you need to get done
  2. Review - Go back to previous years to see how many of these projects you had translated
  3. Track - Analyze past work for price changes and efficiency gains
  4. Prepare - Look into your crystal ball for regulatory changes, product roll-outs, and new market
  5. Pull it together - Combine expected projects with schedules and prices
Increasingly, translations are a critical function for global medical device and biopharma companies. By putting in place a robust translation budgeting process, companies ensure that their translation dollars, euros and yens go further.

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