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The current issue of Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry features an interesting look at the global medical device industry. FDA Outreach Boosts the Number of U.S. Device Firms contains an interesting look at the geographical distribution of medtech firms around the U.S. and Europe.

The results of MD&DI's number-crunching are pretty dramatic: California is the undisputed leader, being home to almost twice as many publicly traded medical technology companies as the next geographies.

Here is a look at which U.S. states are home to publicly traded device companies (note that California is divided into northern and southern in this chart):

And a similar look at the European medtech industry:

As interesting is a look at the distribution of all registered medical technology companies across the U.S. A whopping 20% of device firms are registered in California:

Runners up are Florida with 8% of registered medical device companies, followed by New York, Texas and Illinois (5% each), and Massachusetts and New Jersey (4% each). If you are looking to be in the medical device industry (either directly or as a supplier), it sure helps to be located in one of those areas!

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