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Schering-Plough's defense in tax case: It's all Dutch to us!Schering-Plough was caught red-handed [PDF link] attempting to hide cash and not pay tax on it.

One of the interesting aspects of the case is that the company argued in New Jersey federal court that it was innocent because documentation from its attempt to hide $839 million in cash from the IRS was written in Dutch.

According to BNET Pharma, Schering-Plough tried to persuade the judge that some of these documents should be dismissed simply because they are in a language other than English:

Schering-Plough urges the Court not to give much or any weight to these documents. First, it claims that because the internal credit proposal generated by ABN was largely written in Dutch and the author was not identified, the Court should discount its probative value.
While the court ultimately decided against Schering-Plough, it will be interesting to see if the "but it's written in Dutch!" defense will join other excuses like "The internet was down" and "I was attacked by a raccoon and had to stop by the hospital to make sure it wasn't rabid".

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  1. pfm1500 said...
    Riiiight - for my next tax dodge I think I'll have all my tax slips translated into Klingon....

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