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Report from 50th ATA conference

Report from 50th ATA conferenceThe American Translators Association held their 50th annual conference in New York, the same location as the first conference, back in 1959. Centrally located in Times Square, the conference gave translation service providers the opportunity to mingle, network, and learn.

Attendance doubled from a year ago, to 2,300 attendees, and attracted a good bit of news coverage. Fox News' interview with ATA president Jiri Stejskal received a lot of publicity because it highlighted continued substantial growth in the translation business.

In addition to language-specific sessions such as "New Grammar for Portuguese Translators", the conference offered sessions on literary translation, financial translations, language technology as well as medical translation and interpreting.

Medical sessions focused mainly on interpreting, notably in a clinical setting. Lively discussions ensued on the difficulty of ad hoc versus professional interpreting, and the difficulty that interpreters have with different regions and variations of Spanish in Latin America.

Next year's ATA conference will take place in the Mile High city of Denver, Colorado. We hope to see you in our hometown!

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  1. Wanderjenn said...
    Tell me about your hometown. The ATA Conference in New York City was my first and I thought that I would attend every other year, but... I really enjoyed being amongst my fellow translators. I have to admit that I am tempted.

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