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Quality is dead - long live measurable medical translationLet's all say it together: Translation quality is dead.

You don't have any quality unless your organization can define and measure the quality of its translations. Expressions like "quality is a given" and "we don't sacrifice on quality" are just empty words - unless and until they're backed up by proof.

So why don't more organizations measure their translation quality?

Beyond the fact that many medical device and pharma clients as well as service providers don't realize that they have a problem in this area, the fact is that measuring translation quality is difficult to do.

We have previously looked at how little progress has been made across this subject area, from approaches to defining quality to implementations of available quality systems.

To the best of our knowledge, ForeignExchange's METRiQ translation quality system is the only one of its kind in the translation business. No other translation service provider can confidently tell their clients "we know that the quality of our project deliverable meets your expectations, and here is the proof".

At the most recent Medical Localization Roundtable at Localization World Silicon Valley, ForeignExchange's Sonia Monahan and Lifescan's Elizabeth Judd-Cummings gave a joint presentation on how Lifescan and ForeignExchange defined quality and implemented quality improvements to achieve Lifescan's business objectives.

Sonia is presenting additional case study materials in her audio conference Bridging the Linguistic Quality Gap: How to Measurably Improve Translation Quality. Her presentation will focus on a real-world example of the methodology used to define, analyze, and measure translation quality, and how to use this known quality to achieve the client's business objectives.

Because that's the other thing about quality being dead: For drug and device companies, it's not about the translation quality itself. Measurable translation quality is a means to bigger ends - faster regulatory submissions, lower COGS, rationalized supplier pools, etc. So let's all stop talking about translation quality unless we can demonstrate how measurable quality achieves clients' business goals.

ForeignExchange Translations' medical device and pharmaceutical clients rave about our quality. Ask us for details.


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