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Progress to PIM remains slow for pharma

Progress to PIM remains slow for pharmaEMEA's Product Information Management (PIM) system was conceived in late 2005 to to help improve the management, exchange, quality, and consistency of published product information. PIM was setup to be used either within, or outside, the eCTD.

Currently in a pilot phase where PIM submissions are only accepted subject to prior discussion with the EMEA. The goal is that by the end of 2011, all centrally authorized product information should be in PIM format.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda....

Because EMEA's Statement of Intent "strongly recommends" PIM, it is likely that pharma companies will see this as an "optional" requirement. And given the pitfalls of a PIM implementation, it is probable that only large pharma will tackle a non-madatory PIM implementation.

This hypothesis is more or less confirmed by a separate source. The eCTD Summit, looking at data from the 2009 survey "Benchmarks of Emerging Technologies and Approaches for Collaboration and Document Management" by Life Sciences Consulting Partners, noted that PIM has been adopted by only about 15% of surveyed companies - four top 20 and four mid-tier pharma companies.

Electronic submissions are coming but it sure can be slowing going!

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  1. malli said...
    But, very soon PIM will be mandated!!!!

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