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Guidelines for guest articles

Guidelines for guest articles on Medical Translation InsightMedical Translation Insight receives a steady flow of pitches regarding products, services, and guest posts. Thank you - we are flattered!

When it's appropriate, this kind of PR is terrific all around - it provides a fresh perspective to our readers as well as exposure for the writers. Here are a couple of recent guest posts on eCTD formats and a linguist's perspective on medical translation.

The problem is that most of the pitches aren't appropriate for our site and our readers.

To help with this and make it easier for PR folks, entrepreneurs, and prospective authors, here are five tips for submitting your ideas to Medical Translation Insight:

1. Make sure it's relevant
Nothing against language courses, medical schools, or articles about the latest clinical indication received by drug X but before pitching us, please make sure that your idea is likely to be of interest to our readers.

Consider that most of our posts are geared at professional linguists and staff at pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Posts generally touch on at least two of the following: translation, regulations, technology.

If your pitch doesn't fit, think about whether or not you can make it fit.

2. Listen before you speak
To help you with #1 above, invest the time to read our blog and pay attention to comments, retweets, and trackbacks. What kinds of topics get lots of attention? Which ones don't?

3. Hang out a bit
Since you have taken the time to subscribe to Medical Translation Insight, start participating in the conversation, get on our radar, and make relevant comments. That will make it easier to understand what the blog is about and will give us a sense that have have something of value to contribute.

4. Make it easy
Once you have built some credibility and recognition, don't ruin all your hard work by sending a press release. Here's a solid plan:

  • send a very brief note pointing out a story idea that would be a good fit for the blog's reader (50 words – "here is a great idea") and ask if we would like further details
  • respond with details but don't write the post – instead, give bullet points and links
  • add another reason why it's a timely/exclusive/trendy story idea
5. Gift wrap your idea
Hey, we like exposure too! So how about outlining how you might promote the published article in your blog, on Twitter, on your web site, in your primary association's newsletter, etc.?

We love your ideas and suggestions - keep them coming! And if you use these guidelines, we'll all benefit from timely and interesting content.

[The above tips were loosely adapted from John Jantsch's 5 Tips for Getting More Exposure from Bloggers, Tweeters and Fans.]

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