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Turn your Xbox into a cardiac research tool

Turn your Xbox into cardiac research toolWe love it when you can make your toys do double-duty as business or personal health tools. After justifying the purchase of a Nintendo DS by way of using it as a glucose meter and multilingual dictionary, you can now set your eyes on getting an Xbox 360.

Medgagdet reported that a researcher at the University of Warwick has been using an Xbox 360 to model and simulate cardiac arrhythmia in the hopes of understanding their initiation and propagation and to develop better treatments.

Who knew that a Microsoft Xbox 360 could not only stimulate one's mind, but could also be used to investigate cardiac abnormalities? As quoted in the Medgaget article, the researcher said:

"These game consoles aren't just glorified toys. [They] are pieces of very powerful computing hardware. I can see this ... being most useful for students and early-career scientists to just quickly and cheaply grab that extra bit of computing power they otherwise wouldn't be able to get."
That's right! Now where did I put my Halo game...?

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