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TERMIUM price reduced to - nothing

TERMIUM price reduced to nothingHere is some excellent news for anybody involved in English/French translations: TERMIUM, the Government of Canada's terminology and linguistic database, is now accessible free of charge.

For decades, TERMIUM has been an important and reliable component in every French/English translator's toolkit. Today, the database contains almost 4 million terms in French and English as well as a growing list of Spanish terms.

But it's not just the terminology database that makes TERMIUM so invaluable. The service also provides access to resources like Word Tailoring and The Canadian Style, which is indispensable when working with Canadian (as opposed to French) clients.

TERMIUM used to be sold on CD, for thousands of dollars. Over time, the price dropped as the model shifted to a Web-based subscription. Most recently, access cost $25/month. Not bad but free is better still.

For more information, review the announcement and visit the new Language Portal.

[Picked-up on Twitter from @kvashee via @NTceline and @petergarner]

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  1. Felipe el Forastero said...
    Thanks for posting this news item on LinkedIn. I've been paying for Termium for years, hadn't heard about the price reduction to $25, and am now looking at the possibility of getting the service free. The only ambiguity I see in the article is that "The Portal provides Canadians with free, one-stop access to a wide range of language tools, including TERMIUM Plus®". Does that mean Canadians only? Sounds that way. As a Yank residing in Spain, I'm not sure this is going to be a freebie.
    Anonymous said...
    Well, I'm a French translator based in France, and it does work for free so far ;-)

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