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SharePoint in the life sciences

SharePoint is the fastest-growing product in the history of Microsoft. More than 100 million licenses have been sold worldwide and thousands of companies have adopted it.

At first, drug and device companies were concerned about the robustness of SharePoint's 21 CFR 11 implementation. While some vendors have bridged the gaps in SharePoint itself, companies like EMC integrated SharePoint and Documentum, essentially geting the best of both worlds.

In this video (via the eCTDBlog) a marketing manager at EMC explains the approach and benefit of this integration (if video doesn't play, go to YouTube to watch it):

And it's easy to see why drug and device companies have come around and embraced SharePoint along with companies in other industries: Faced with increasing demands to improve their organizational effectiveness through information sharing and collaboration, life science companies also have the need for controlled and compliant document management systems.

"Using SharePoint in an FDA-Regulated Environment" takes a look at recent experiences at Tufts Medical Center. The presentation provide an interesting case study of how a research laboratory is using SharePoint.

It seems that especially in these uncertain economic times, life science companies are looking to improve their information flow. For translation service providers that means that multilingual content management systems will become even more prevalent.

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