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See you at Medical Localization Roundtable?

See you at Medical Localization Roundtable?If you have attended past iterations of the Medical Localization Roundtable, you know that this is a unique opportunity to get together with translation managers from other device and drug companies. In fact, the Medical Localization Round Table is the only forum for pharmaceutical and device companies to discuss translation and localization issues.

For this latest iteration, the event is re-christened "Life Sciences Round Table" and sports the best-ever program. Participants from Philips Healthcare, St. Jude, CaridianBCT, Siemens Healthcare, Boston Scientific, and other companies will discuss their experiences and best practices.

ForeignExchange is pleased to once again help organize the event. We are also actively engaged in two sessions: "Introduction into Medical Localization" is ideal for new-comers to medical translation. The session discusses what medical translation is and how it differs from other types of translations.

"Measurably Improve Translation Quality Within 60 Days" is a workshop designed to help translation managers with advanced knowledge streamline the quality, timing, and costs of their translation efforts. (See our recent post for more details on this session.)

We hope to see you in Santa Clara next Tuesday, October 20!

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