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Of birth control, law suits, and translation

Of birth control, law suits, and translationManufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs in general and birth control pills in particular are used to law suits. So Bayer probably wasn't all that surprised when it first became the target of law suits. But over the past six months, law suits around Bayer's Yasmine and Yaz oral contraceptives are mounting daily - more than 125 legal actions are on the books.

When the law suits fly, all manner of claims and statements get closely examined for clues. And so it was last week, when Swissmedic, the Swiss medical authority, commented on the relative risk of drospirenone [German link], an active substance used in Bayer's Yaz. Bayer wasted no time in picking out the positive morsels from the Swissmedic release and using it to bolster its position.

What's interesting in this situation is that there is this additional issue of translation. As BNET Pharma reported, Bayer's translation of the Swissmedic study may be questionable.

Translations are likely to play a key role as this situation unfolds: The drugs were developed in Germany (earlier this year, an FDA inspection there generated a warning letter because of concerns over Bayer's cGMP compliance), and the law suits are being filed in the U.S.

As the legal wrangling will probably last for years, attorneys as well as German/English translators will be kept busy.

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