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Japan regulatory clearance - avoid a shock to the systemIn Japanese, "Nemawashi" refers to the binding of a plant's roots by a gardener when moving a plant. Nemawashi is a long and painstaking process by which each root is carefully cut and bound one at a time, to avoid shocking the plant. Only after all roots are cut and bound individually can the plant be moved.

The same concept seems to apply when medical device and in-vitro diagnostic companies look to revamp their Japanese regulatory processes - how do you work with your Japanese affiliates to avoid a shock to the system?

To provide some of the answers RAPS is holding Medical Devices & IVDs: A Practical Approach to the Japanese Market over the next two days (October 15 and 16, 2009). If you can't make it to the DC area, you can still participate - RAPS will be streaming a live webcast of the two-day event.

The seminar agenda looks terrific. Thanks to presentations from industry, FDA's CDRH, and consultants, attendees stand to take away concrete, actionable advice.

ForeignExchange Translations' Jason Heaton will share our experience and advice on how to streamline translation processes for effective Japan regulatory submissions. If you are attending (whether live or over the Web), be sure to say Konichiwa.

Find out more about ForeignExchange's specialized Japanese translation services for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.


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