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Making a difference through our work

Beaker's Blog recently asked Best big pharma commercial ever? The topic of the blog post was the following Pfizer commercial:

I don't know if it's really the best commercial but it certainly brings a human side to disease management, the pharma industry, and Pfizer.

The commercial is also a good reflection of how the ForeignExchange team of employees and linguists views the work that we do. Our vision statement starts with the words ForeignExchange Translations saves lives, and we honestly believe that we help reduce human suffering around the world.

Hey, I'm no idealist - we work to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. But there are many different ways to earn a salary, and it's nice to make a difference while making a living. Thank you, Pfizer, for reminding us of that.

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  1. Emmanuelle Darut said...
    Perfect illustration!
    P McNamer said...
    Excellent commercial. I've seen very few like that.
    I can't say much, except when you are translating medical and MRI reports about someone with advanced cancer, you hope that you are lending a helping hand, trying to find a cure.

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