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LangID helps you identify unknown languages

LangID lets you identify text in 85 languages (medical translation)Here is a good compliment to the recently mentioned TypeIt. If you ever had a text that you cannot identity, LangID is for you.

LangID does one thing and does it well: It analyzes a snippet of text and tells you what language it is written in. In my tests, it identified even single words.

You can input text into LangID in multiple ways; simply cutting and pasting text into the dialog box is the most straight-forward option. You can also upload a DOC, PDF, or XLS file for analysis, send a short text to LangID via Twitter, or email the document to them for an automatic reply.

LangID is a free service annd requires no signup. Supposedly LangID can identify 85 languages - note, however, that in tests run by MakeUseOf, LangID failed to identify Tatar and Belorussian.

[Via Lifehacker]

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  1. spanish in spain said...
    Nice idea , Obviusly everyone cannot know or identify every languages so it will be very useful.
    Rubén Rodríguez de la Fuente said...
    This is a good one too: Xerox Language Guesser

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