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How not to do multi-cultural advertising

Microsoft is in some doo doo over its international marketing techniques.

First off there is the fact that the company used photo editing techniques to change the race of a person depicted. In content to be used on its Polish web site on the company's Web site.

How not to do multi-cultural advertising

The company had to apologize for the gaffe and pull down the altered image.

There are a couple of curiosities about this incident. First, why was this such a big deal? Aren't companies supposed to do exactly this, i.e., adapt their marketing materials for each audience/target market?

Second, why was Microsoft's Photoshop work done so badly? The black person's face was replaced and the tone of his hands (along with the face of the Asian person) were crudely lightened.

It will be interesting if/what the longer-term fallout and lessons are from this.

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  1. speakingoftranslation.com said...
    Maybe they did not actually use Photoshop (an Adobe product), but one of their own photo software products with which it is more difficult to get good results?

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