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Customized medical translation is the wave of the futureYesterday we looked at the case against customized medical translations.

As we pointed out, there are real organizational and resource challenges to overcome. But these don't change the fact that "medical translation" doesn't exist. Regulatory folks view their company, its products and translation services very differently from clinical researchers or marketers. And even though they work for the same company, they really don't care about other group's translation needs or processes.

Through the "product life cycle" concept represented in the above graphic, ForeignExchange delivers different, customized translation solutions for each PLC phase across a medical device or pharmaceutical company.

Of course, even within these PLC phases, there are many different kinds users but they do share:

  • purchasing processes
  • suppliers
  • translation needs
  • tools, TMs, glossaries
  • personalities and backgrounds
  • business objectives
  • language & jargon
  • quality expectations
For example, a clinical group will have a dedicated outsourcing group, won't benefit that much from TMs, and will value raw speed at least as much linguistic quality.

This is true for just about anybody in a clinical research organization - but very different from a labeling group working for the same company. Labeling professionals may not have a dedicated purchasing staff, they will make extensive use of technology (translation and labeling), and and their view of quality is determined by the fact that a single wrong letter can lead to an expensive and embarrassing product recall.

By customizing our approach (service delivery and marketing), we are able to talk to all of the different translation users across drug and device companies in there own language. And fundamentally, people trust people who are just like themselves.

Customized medical translations, according to our clients, adds real value: as practiced through our PLC, it allows clients to interface with ForeignExchange staff and translators who know about their unique challenges, requirements, and jargon.

What do you think? Do you see value in a customized approach to medical translation? Do you think customization is overrated?

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