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So you say you're customer-service oriented?

So you say you're customer-service oriented?I recently came across Susan Hoekstra's blog The Service Journey. Her weekly posts provide actionable customer-service tips - the kind where you say "that makes sense, I should try that".

While customer service is relevant in any business, it seems that folks involved in translations could generally use a good dose of help with customer service. Whether somebody is a translation manager at a medical device company, a project manager at a translation company, or a freelance linguist, everybody has customers and, from time to time, everybody has challenges around their service.

It's funny how every translation service provider says they're service-oriented. (It's right up there with proclamations of how good everybody's quality is.) It's troubling to see how few organizations and people are truly committed to delivering service.

Not that it's easy to be really, really service oriented. To make it work, you have to hire service-oriented people and you have to constantly think about what you say and write.

Do you have any examples of excellent or abysmal customer service in the translation industry?

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  1. Susan Hoekstra said...
    Thanks for your kind words! I appreciate it.

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