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Pharma is (a little) less scared of social networkingOur post on how most pharmaceutical companies avoid social networking efforts was widely read and discussed. In the two months since then, the situation seems to have improved a bit.

The Impactiviti Blog last week gave an up-beat assessment of pharma's use of social networking tools. In reporting from the MDRx conference and the Social Communications and Healthcare Case Studies and Roundtable, the author says that more and more companies (or at least company representatives) are jumping in. Pfizer's Ray Kerins, Boehringer's use of their Twitter account to interact, and Brad Pendergraph of Novartis are all mentioned.

The upshot? It's not just consultants and agencies talking about it but social networking hasn't yet reached the tipping point amongst pharmaceutical companies.

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  1. José Luis Contreras Muñoz said...
    Anyone not on social networks will not be in the future

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