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Monthly roundup: Most popular posts in June

Recap: Most popular posts on Medical Translation BlogOur little blog just turned six months old :-). While it's learning to crawl, we have had some really good responses. Here are the posts that got the most attention over the past month:

  1. Chevy Nova and other global marketing myths - Love it or hate it, this urban myth sure gets people's attention.

  2. Computer-aided proofreading - This came out of the most recent Localization World conference.

  3. QA vs. QC - The excellent response to this post was a bit of a surprise; it seems like there is a lot of confusion around this topic.

  4. Central update of TMs by translators - This entry fit in nicely with discussions going on elsewhere on the web.

  5. Pharma (still) fears social networking - This post got some good exposure after being picked-up by a few other blogs.

Hey - unlike in April or May, none of the funny entries hit the top five! Nonetheless, happy reading and happy weekend!


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