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Translation oops

Signspotting.com offers up hilarious translation oopsBroken English is the language of the world... Sure it's easy to make fun of embarrassing translation blunders but we all need a good snicker every once in a while.

The folks at Silicon Strat pointed us to Signspotting.com. The site features hilarious English signs found in non-English speaking countries.

Rate a sign so that you can advance to the next one. You can enter captions and view signs in different categories. Singspotting.com also offers a monthly mailing list. Head on over there and have a laugh or two!

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  1. Bryant Hillas said...
    Great post! I went over to signspotting.com, and have to admit I spent a good hour cracking up in front of the monitor...
    I tackled the issue of poor translations in a blog post of my own, and if you're interested in reading how the issue applies to business marketing, take a look at http://translation-blog.trustedtranslations.com/investing-in-professional-translation-can-save-you-big-time-2009-07-21.html.
    Take care!

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