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Report from Medical Localization Roundtable in BerlinAs mentioned in the run-up to the event, yesterday's Medical Localization Roundtable at Localization World Berlin 2009 took on a slightly different format. We had three different sessions that addressed different topics.

Given travel budget cuts, the day was well attended with approximately 35 people coming to the medical events. All three sessions produced good discussions among the attendees - a good mix of clients, service providers, and academics. It was great to meet blog readers Betty and Anna!

One of the day's highlights was the two-part presentation on usability and readability testing by Brigitte Herrmann of Siemens Healthcare and Simon Andriesen of MediLingua.

Brigitte's presentation gave a terrific overview of why and how Siemens Healthcare invests in usability testing for their medical software and hardware. She also walked through some of the research by usability guru Jakob Nielsen on how any organization can benefit from usability testing with as few as 3 testers.

Simon's talk focused on the updated European readability testing guideline: why its content-based approach is superior to metrics-based approaches, how readability testing has helped improve usability of drug patient information leaflets (PiL), and specifics on how to organize readability testing - not just for PiLs but for any type of translation.

And on top of a terrific conference day, Berlin's friendliness alert has paid off - I have yet to encounter a rude person in the Millennium City.

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