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One hundred ... Million ... Dollars!

One hundred ... Million ... Dollars!The In Vivo Blog posted a question that everyone who follows small-company press releases should read: When Is a Billion Dollars Not a Billion Dollars?, they ask.

The post deals with the practice of announcing new deals/partnerships with huge dollar values attached to them - with little attention paid to the likelihood of all the stars aligning perfectly, so that these windfalls can occur.

One of the commentators on the In the Pipeline blog mentioned that his old company even had a formal plan for this:

We called these biobucks at my last place, and they were actually included in milestones- We want to sign deals this year for $100M in biobucks and $10M in real money, etc.
The same practice is alive and well in our little industry - just check out press releases 1, 2, and 3.

The numbers are a bit smaller but the principle is the same: throw around big numbers to impress casual investors and unsophisticated clients. And rest quietly knowing that nobody will hold you to those numbers anyway...

If you have a billion dollars to spare, I have a bridge to sell to you. Alternatively, just subscribe to the Medical Translation Blog via email or RSS.


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