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Languages of the former Yugoslavia

Languages of the former YugoslaviaThe term "Yugoslavia" literally means "South Slavia". It encompasses three different political bodies that existed successively on the Balkan Peninsula from 1918-2002.

While the exact borders of Yugoslavia varied over the years, at its height (1943-1991) it consisted of the republics of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Macedonia. The official language of this region was Serbo-Croatian; however, Slovenian and Macedonian remained spoken in their respective zones.

Today, each of these republics is a country of its own. Each has its own eponymous language. The evolution of these languages has been greatly impacted by the complicated political history of the area and, while most of these languages are now "official", they are not all standardized.

There are many similarities and differences between these languages and, whether each language has been recently recognized or its identity is more deeply rooted, the formation of these modern idioms has demonstrated the inherent historical link between society, politics, and language.

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  1. Marta Stemberger said...
    It is important to note that the documents intended to be used in Slovenia, the northern part of former Yugoslavia, must be in Slovene/Slovenian language. The same goes for the documents that will be used in Macedonia, the southern most part of former Yugoslavia, which must be in Macedonian language. It is also best if the documents for Croatia and Serbia/Montenegro are in Croatian and Serbian, respectively. There is a little leeway with Bosnia but I would suggest checking with their government bodies to see which version of B/C/S (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian) they officially request.
    Side note: The text that you see on the top bar in the Blogger is in Slovene language.

    Marta Stemberger, MA

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