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Drug development in a multicultural world

Drug development in a multicultural worldThe current issue of DIA's Global Forum contains an interesting article entitled "Drug Development in a Multicultural Environment".

One of the interesting things in the article is the included list of sample disease incidence, severity differences, and preventive treatment trends among U.S. Hispanics:

  • Hispanics have higher incidences of stomach and liver cancer
  • Cervical cancer is twice as prevalent in Hispanic women
  • Hispanics are significantly less likely to visit a doctor
  • AIDS cases are 3.5 times higher among Hispanics than non-Hispanic whites
Nonetheless, the fact remains: even though huge opportunities exist for drug companies in multicultural markets like the U.S., pharmaceutical and medical device companies generally stay away from marketing to Hispanics and other minority groups.

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  1. AllieProzac said...
    I don't think it's fair to the Hispanics and other minorities in the States that they are deliberately skipped by medical devices and medicine marketeers. Whether or not they have the buying power, they still deserve the alternative to seek proper medication and medical care through these devices.

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