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Translation technology at a stand-still?

Translation technology at a stand-still?Since the late 1970s, when research on translation memories began, and the late 1980s, when the first commercial translation memory (TM) products became available, there have been few major breakthroughs which have led to new tools designed to support the activity of human translators. Instead, most research in the field has focused on improving existing tools, be it translation memories, full machine translation, terminology databases, alignment editors, monolingual spelling or grammar checkers, voice recognition, workflow management, etc.

The results have been encouraging, often allowing translators and translation firms to work more efficiently and effectively. But have all the needs of translation practitioners been fully satisfied? Beyond the recycling of full-sentence repetitions and their so-called fuzzy matches, are there new avenues left to explore?

It doesn't seem like it. Search Google for "translation technology" and marvel at how few of the 20 million results are interesting - let alone useful.

So it's nice to see the Twelfth Machine Translation Summit providing a forum for the discussion of new tools for translators. The summit is organized by the International Association for Machine Translation and the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas, and it will be held at the Ch√Ęteau Laurier, Ottawa, Canada, 26-30 August 2009.

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  1. ruben de la fuente said...
    I think there has been interesting improvements lately, as advanced subsegment leveraging and autosuggest (predictive text features).

    Also, there are already voice-to-voice (speech recognition-machine translation-voice synthesis) systems producing encouraging results

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