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Regulatory concerns top list of IT drivers at big pharmaThe pharmaceutical industry faces enormous challenges — from changes in how pharmaceutical companies develop and source products, to pricing pressures, to increasingly stringent regulatory environments. As a result, the heads of enterprise architecture (EA) within drug companies are examining their priorities so that they can support their organizations in this time of change.

Forrester's recent report Pharmaceutical Industry Trends Drive EA provides a good look at some of these challenges.

One thing that was particularly interesting was IT decision makers' response to the question of "What is the importance of the following IT drivers over the next year?". One of the responses labeled as critical by the most people was the need to "support regulatory requirements".

On the other hand, maybe this doesn't come as a surprise. Despite efforts to harmonize global pharma regulations, drug companies complain loudly and often about the inconsistent regulatory rules that different countries use. Successful IT governance requires that IT operations be aligned with the objectives of the overall pharma business, and regulatory considerations remain a top priority for IT decision makers.

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