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Pharma label checker TVT adds new languages

Pharma label checker TVT adds new languagesSchlafender Hase's widely-used Text Verification Tool (TVT) ensures that only the approved text is printed without any undesired deviations.

The latest version, TVT 5.0, adds support for all major languages, including Japanese and right-to-left reading languages. TVT compares the text on labels with the draft version highlights inconsistencies, missing paragraphs, and hyphenation errors in each version.

Schlafender Hase claims that its software can check documents at a rate of 150 pages in 15 seconds and can compare multiple leaflets in different languages at the same time.

In addition to DOC, RTF, TXT and PDF, TVT supports both XML standards PIM and SPL, endorsed by the European and the US regulatory authorities, EMEA and FDA.

For additional information, visit tvt.text-verification.com.

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