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Monthly roundup: Most popular posts in April

Recap: Most popular posts on Medical Translation BlogHappy May Day! As we begin a new month, we like to take a look back at the most popular content over the previous month. Here goes:

  1. Periodic table of typefaces - This was the 2nd most popular entry in February. Apparently, there are a lot of font geeks out there.

  2. Back translations - useful or waste of time? - Strong feelings on both sides of the debate made for a lively discussion.

  3. Back translations - tackling discrepancy in meaning - Back translation again, this time a more linguistic angle.

  4. International standards for date and time - It's a bit of a surprise that this entry was so popular but there you have it.

  5. Bad translations - Rounding out the top five is a look at funny translation problems.

Happy reading and happy weekend!


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