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China to update list of simplified Chinese charactersJust like Brazil did a few months ago, the People's Republic of China will conduct their own language reform and issue a modified list of simplified Chinese characters. The hope is that this will further standardize a language used by billions.

First introduced in 1956, simplified Chinese characters included fewer number of strokes for each character to make it easier to learn. In 1986 the official list of simplified characters contained 2,235 entries.

Many people have felt that the symbols have been oversimplified, which have made the characters more difficult to understand. The upcoming release is intended to help solve this confusion. But don't expect the new characters to be fully restored to traditional Chinese as that would require an entirely new education for the Chinese people.

Importantly, from a translation perspective, this change does not mean that pharmaceutical and medical device companies need to update existing Chinese web sites, software applications, or documentation.

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  1. On-anong said...
    It looks like the list of updated characters is not yet ready. But when it will it could be possible that some documents or websites need to be updated with the new characters.

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