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19th century anatomical models

19th century anatomical models from JapanAnd now for something completely different...

Yesterday, MedGadget took a detour from their usual fare of medical technology news to mention a post in the Pink Tentacle blog about a story from the July 2001 issue of Geijutsu Shincho magazine about the history of wooden birth dolls in Japan.

It does seem a little morbid but at the same time it would be an awesome teaching tool and the detail (check out the pictures at Pink Tentacle) is just amazing.

In London, the Wellcome Collection has a small collection of similar teaching aids. It's a museum of medical stuff, both old and new. The exhibit includes small (European) ceramic dolls as well as almost-lifesize wood and fabric abdomen complete with baby, placenta, umbilical cord, and membrane. Well worth the visit on your next trip to The Smoke.

Still looking to delve deeper into the weird side of anatomy? Morbid Anatomy is for you.

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