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Translating healthcare

More than ever, translation and interpreting support are hot topics in hospitals across the United States. Some states are just getting around to mandating bilingual support across their healthcare systems. And while concerns about inadequate language support are widespread, most hospitals today proactively look to provide appropriate sign- and foreign-language support.

Following are three videos on the topic of multilingual healthcare. The first one is a New York Times report on the state of affairs in Minneapolis. (Click on the link - no preview is available.)

Older immigrants face particular difficulties due to cultural and language issues. The following video discusses some of the challenges faced by Chinese-American seniors:

And finally a report by KOMU on how Missouri healthcare organizations support Spanish-speaking patients:

Thanks, Megan, for the idea!

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  1. aparker said...
    Enjoyed this post very much. The videos were enlightening as well. Thank you.

    With the enforcement of HIPPA, I hope that 'family member' interpretation will soon be a thing of the past, unless patient provides written consent. Still, in that case, an independent person should deliver any medical information to the patient and those the patient chooses to be privy to.

    As an aside, I have recently signed up for email updates from "Medical Translation Blog". I very much enjoy your content. You're doing a great job. Very informative.

    Amanda Parker, P & L Translations

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